Passion Flower Vitifolia - Passiflora - Scarlet Crimson Perfumed Red Passion Vine

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Wow, wow and more wow!

This is quite possibly the most vivid and magnificent passion flower we have ever offered - plus we are about the online place in the UK selling them unless you really hunt around the specialist nurseries - a real gem to find!

Passiflora vitifolia derives its name from the grape vine shaped foliage, a native of South America, it is related to the perhaps better known hardy Blue and White Passion flowers. It is also known as the Perfumed Passionflower, thanks to the lightly fragranced blooms when given a sniff.

Growing and scrambling with vigour where it is happy it will do best in a sheltered protected spots in bright sunshine on a well drained soil. It's great in planters trained on to oblisks then dotted and plunged in to borders, or used in a courtyard to bring a taste of the exotic to your displays. Growing it in this way also means you can provide additional winter protection and use as a houseplant in the cooler months.

Stock is limited, so please do not miss out on this unusual and stunning plant - the fire engine red flowers really have to be seen in person. Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers, in bud and bloom in season.