Perfumed Peony - Paeonia Sarah Bernhardt - Peony Sarah Bernhardt - Pack of FIVE

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A traditional favourite, this dependable free-blooming cultivar has fragrant full double flowers in a most elegant shade of apple-blossom pink.

It will reach a height of around 80-90cms (3ft).

Herbaceous Peonies will last a lifetime in your garden providing late spring displays of show-stopping ruffled blooms each year with little effort. Plant them into the middle of herbaceous borders, where they will add structure and of course, rich colours.

Something you may not have known about peonies is that the petals are edible, add to salads or float on punch for an opulent treat. They can also be cooked slightly and sweetened for a treat. Peony water was also once considered a delicacy - there are some amazing recipes around online to try.

Supplied as a pack of 5 strong bare roots fresh from cold store and ready to plant and flower.