Rhododendron Red Jack - Evergreen Shrub

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Rhododendron Red Jack is a wonderful evergreen shrub. Large conical clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers are borne in late Spring. They form very large flowerheads, the blooms are a bright, bold red and the combination makes this Rhododendron highly attractive and eye catching!

Standing out well against the dark-green foliage, it will form a medium sized shrub that will provide superb, evergreen structure to your garden. When it blooms, it is a real sight to behold. Keep moist, but well-drained and this Rhododendron 'Red Jack' will reward you with bright colour every spring. It will be very happy in a position that offers dappled shade if you have one. Suitable for a large container on your patio, or planted in your garden, this rhododendron will fit in with a range of planting schemes.

Supplied in approx 5 litre containers.