Sedum Mr Goodbud

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Clump forming versatile herbaceous perennial reaching fifty centimetres in height. It is a hard-working plant giving great value to a garden.

The leaves are a mid-green, succulent and fleshy with a spreading habit.

In late summer clustered heads of soft pink bud’s form; these give way to masses of starry purple, pink flowers that cover the plant right through until the autumn. These colourful plates of flowers can be up to fifteen centimetres in diameter.

This plant likes a free draining soil and will grow in most soils but may struggle in heavy clay unless drainage is improved. It will grow in any of the aspects of south, west, east facing and can grow on an exposed windy site. Likes full sun and a decent fertile free draining soil.

Suits an herbaceous border in drifts or dotted through gravel, perfect for and Mediterranean garden.

This Sedum is loved by Bees and Butterflies and a great source of late summer nectar. They will die back naturally over the winter, cut back in early spring and mulch.

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.