Sempervivum Houseleeks - Pack of TEN Evergreen Hardy Succulent Plants

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Intriguing Low Growing Succulent Plants

Fully Winter Frost Hardy and Evergreen

Drought Resistant in Summer

Perfect for alpine gardens, troughs, rockeries or simply planted in a pot as a conversation piece on their own.

Different foliage textures and colours

Often seen growing on 'green roofs'

Also known as houseleeks, these plants make spreading mats of fleshy rosettes of foliage with star shaped flowers in summer on short stems. They generally grow to a height of 7-15cm (3-6'' with a spread of up to 30cm (12''). Sempervivum House leeks will flourishing even in a dry position in poor soil, they are great for rock gardens surviving in the narrowest of cracks.

Pack of 10 Plants in assorted colours in approx. 9cm-10cm pots - ready to plant out and enjoy. Typical plants as supplied pictured.


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