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Tulip Blue Parrot - Pack of 6

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Tulip Blue Parrot: Dive into Garden Dreams!

Sapphire Sophistication: Introducing the Tulip Blue Parrot, a shimmering gem for your garden. Bathed in shades of mystical violet - blue, each blossom flaunts a feathery elegance, reminiscent of a parrot's luxurious plumage. Let your garden resonate with the whispers of the sea and sky!

Garden Novice? No Worries!: Crafted by nature for the UK climate, Tulip Blue Parrot is a joy to cultivate. With minimal attention, these resilient blooms will grace your outdoors with unparalleled vibrancy each spring.

Floral Symphony: Pair the Blue Parrot with golden marigolds or radiant red roses for a truly dazzling spectacle. Its dreamy blue hue complements a myriad of colours, allowing for a harmonious balance and a garden teeming with life.

Pack of 6 tulip bulbs

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