Viburnum odoratissimum awabuki

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A decent sized upright rounded shrub that can also be shaped to a small tree. Evergreen by nature this is an excellent evergreen form a backdrop to drifts of lower planting.

This Viburnum has glossy toothed dark green leaves, in spring clusters of white flowers are born across the foliage and these are particularly noted for their incredible fragrance. In late summer to autumn red fruits appear that gradually darken until they become black.

This is an unfussy plant and will grow quite happily in a moderately fertile soil and in full sun or partial shade. If it gets a bit too large for your liking then it is capable of taking a hard prune, preferably in early spring.

An ideal planting subject for a formal garden, a couple of plants either side of a pathway make for a great framing and it can even be used as an informal hedging subject.

Supplied in approx. 3-4 litre containers.

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