Acer Campestre - Field Maple - Bare Root Hedging 60-80cm - Pack of 12

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Acer campestre, known to all as the Field Maple, embraces the countryside's beauty. Our great-value pack of 12 bare root hedging plants stands at a strong 60-80cm. Most glorious green foliage adorned with brilliant golden-yellow in autumn months, a native British gem known for its brilliant golden-yellow foliage. This is very effective against contrasting colours. The Field Maple is very versatile and will grow in a myriad of soil types, from full sun to partial shade conditions, making it great for wildlife-friendly hedges and a perfect addition to garden rustic aesthetics.


Not to mention its great functionality in adding aesthetic value to any room, it helps in boosting biodiversity since it offers both a habitat and food source for a plethora of wildlife. Being easy to maintain, it does not require a lot of aftercare when it has been established. Acer Campestre works well even in the hands of amateur gardeners. Plant Field Maple plants in well-drained soil for best growth, and water through the first growing season to get a strong root system established. Pruning is done in late winter if necessary, retaining shape and promoting the health of the plant.


END OF SEASON CLEARANCE - Usually £24.99, today just £7.99 - Save £17

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