Acer palmatum Enkan - EXTRA LARGE

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Beautiful small Japanese Maple tree perfect the smaller garden space. The plant will reach two metres in height and one and a half in spread.

It has stunning, delicate serrated leaves that are bronze to maroon in colour, these leaves become a magnificent bright red autumn colour. Subtle green flowers are followed by green, red winged fruits.

These plants like a slightly acidic soil and prefer partially shaded conditions, the soil should be a rich loam so add plenty of compost to your planting pit if conditions are heavy.

This is most definitely a pride of place plant and should be a main feature in a small garden, if you have a patio or balcony plant one in a container. It is important no matter if you plant in the ground or a container it’s important not to let the plant dry out. Irrigate in periods of dry weather.

Top dress with compost in early spring and remove any dead wood

Planted near a hard surface like a rock is a great way to display a Japanese Maple.

Supplied in approx. 14 litre containers.

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