Acer palmatum Pixie

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Renowned for its vivid leaf and compact growth habit, the dwarf Japanese maple variation Acer palmatum 'Pixie' is a striking sight. This magnificent cultivar offers a magnificent display of colour from spring through autumn. Its deeply lobed, rich burgundy leaves develop to a gorgeous deep crimson. The leaves turn a vivid scarlet in the autumn, giving the garden's scenery a flaming touch. 'Pixie' grows slowly and bushily, reaching a modest height that makes it a great choice for pots, tiny gardens, or as a visually arresting focal point in a mixed border. Growing in both full and partial shade, 'Pixie' likes soil that drains well and has a hint of acidity. It is shielded from the intense afternoon light and wind, which could harm its fragile foliage. Supplied in approx. 7 litre containers, very strong plants.

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