Acer saccharum - Grow your own Maple Syrup Tree!
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Acer saccharum - Grow your own Maple Syrup Tree!

Product ref: S1K005

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The classic tree of New England (United States) famed for it's glorious autumnal shades and production of Maple Syrup. Throughout Canada large plantations grow and the sap is tapped annually once the trees are established, for this is the source of the essential pancake syrup. If you buy this tree, you could be growing your very own supply sooner than you think! With a tree as glorious as this, it's no wonder the leaf is the emblem of Canada! Deeply cut leaves turning yellow to orange to red in autumn and small clusters of greenish yellow spring flowers. This fast-growing tree is often spreading with pendant lower branches. A lovely tree which copes well on most soils, including clay. Supplied in approx 3 litre containers.