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Wow - these plants are monsters! Check out the size in the photo - Huge, well-established plants for instant impact.

Agapanthus ‘Poppin Star’ has be to grown to be believed - it boasts one of the longest flowering periods we have seen of any Agapanthus. The extended flowering period is thanks to it's repeat-blooming nature - throwing out more flower stems as summer progresses as well as it's main flush.

The foliage forms a neat rounded clump that makes superb ground cover when planted in large groups. Perfect for a sunny herbaceous borders or well-drained patio planters. Easy to grow and a reliable performer, perennial Agapanthus are drought tolerant, coping well in hot, sunny sites and well as hardy to stand cold winters. 

Popping Stars florets themselves are sensational, providing you a Nile Lily with starry effect flowers thanks to the darker and lighter blue shading on the petals, providing an interesting two-toned effect that is simply stunning, and will likely stop the casual garden gazer in their tracks.

The combination of the rich flowering and the fresh colour gives this Agapanthus a very energetic, cheerful appearance. Agapanthus Poppin Star is also noted for its compact habit, reaching a modest height of around 80cm, this makes the plant ideal for a container on the balcony, patio or terrace as well as in garden beds and borders.

Agapanthus Poppin Star is reputedly hardy to -15° Celsius, thrives in baking sun if you've a tricky spot, and does well in well-drained soil. Bees and butterflies will be extra busy when they spy this beautiful African Nile lily too.

Supplied in approx 7-10 litre containers as very well established speciment plants.

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