Raspberry Collection - 15 Plants

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Add a burst of flavour to your garden with this great-value raspberry collection. Featuring three different varieties, you’ll never need to pop to the supermarket to access delicious fresh fruit again! 

Suitable for planting out in the garden itself or even growing in pots and containers, this collection is a great choice for those working with smaller spaces. Simply plant and maintain to be rewarded with sweet and juicy raspberries that will work brilliantly in jams, cakes and scones.

Our specially curated collection has been put together with varieties that will esnure a continuity of cropping over an extended period, with fruit being produced from summer until autumn, raspberry canes are quite shallow rooted so should not be planted too deeply. The juicy sweet fresh raspberries they produce are high in fibre and Vitamins C and A, and of course rank highly on the Gardening Express 'these are super delicious and tasty' scale! Perfect for a healthy snack any time.

Your collection will include a total of 15 plants - five each in a mix of varieties such as:

Tulameen – Producing heavy summer crops of large fruits, this variety has long lateral shoots that make the fruit even easier to pick.

Glen Ample – Ample by name, and ample in nature, this variety is favoured by professional growers, fruit has an excellent flavour and is ready mid summer onwards.

Polka – Producing lovely fruit, this variety has the potential to yield two bumper crops each year, one in summer and one again in autumn. 

So that's our Raspberry Collection - three great varieties and fifteen plants in total for a continuous fruitful supply.