Aloe arborescens - Candelabra Torch Aloe

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Aloe arborescens is prized for its colourful flowers and attractive foliage, an evergreen succulent with branching stems if forms mounds of many decorative rosettes. Each rosette consists of widely spreading, gray-green, sword-shaped leaves with conspicuous pale teeth along their edges. In winter, large, conical, bright red to orange flower spikes are borne in profusion above the foliage, brightening up the dull winter garden in mild coastal areas. Elsewhere, move indoors to enjoy the display for the cooler months of the year and protect from frost, or grow inside permanently as a house plant. 

This Aloe will make a dramatic focal point when planted in sunny borders or decorative containers. Easily grown in any free draining soil, perfect in full sun or light shade.

Supplied in approx 3 litre containers, well established at around 50cms tall..