Amarine Belladiva - Pack of 2
Amarine Belladiva - Pack of 2

Amarine Belladiva - Pack of 2

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Mixing the two gardeners classics of Amaryllis and Nerine this bulbous plant a much welcomed burst of colour in the autumn. If you are planning for a seasonal border, then this will create colour as many summer flowering plants are calling it a day. The flowers are white to light pink and appear in clusters of on top of strong sturdy stems. They are followed by clumps of waxy lanceolate leaves.

The Armine loves a bright sunny spot, preferably South or west facing, sheltered from strong winds. They need a soil that is not prone to water logging and may need plenty of organic matter added at planting time if your soil is clay in nature. If you have a passion for Rock gardening, then the Armine would make an excellent addition to that setting.

Supplied as a pack of 2.