Amaryllis - DOUBLE CHERRY RED - Hippeastrum

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Traditionally given as a gift at Christmas, many people are now experiencing the wonder of these blooms throughout the year. They are fantastic to plant at virtually any time you can get hold of the bulbs and bring in to bloom in a matter or weeks.

They could not be easier to grow, even if you don't have green fingers, since all the power is already held within the bulbs - some people even bring them in to flower without soil, just giving the bulbs something to support themselves. Perhaps buy them as a lovely present for some one you know that needs something to cheer themselves up, and they can watch in wonder over a few short weeks as the flower stems rapidly grow and bloom - something different and far more thoughtful than a box of chocs or bunch of cut flowers that will only last a few days.

We have stocks of large bulbs to provide an unusual and bold display of glorious colour in your home. Each will each generally produce up to 2-3 strong stems with 4-6 flowers per stem. The ideal bloom for making a statement, the stems grow to a height of up to around 50cms (20 inches).

Each of these DOUBLE CHERRY RED Amaryllis is supplied as a best quality bulb, individually bagged and packaged with full growing instructions.

An excellent gift to yourself or anyone, our varieties of exotic looking amaryllis, are the best quality available.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 12.97, today just 5.97 - Save £7!