Apple Tree - Redlove® Era - 150cm Fruit Tree - Malus domestica Red Love

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Hailing from Switzerland, this tough hardy Apple variety is completely unique, producing lovely crisp apples with exquisite tasting red flesh. Crisp and fresh with a perfect balance of sweet and tangy flavours, harvest early to mid September and eat immediately or store until Christmas. It was originally bred by taking sweet, firm and importantly disease resistant apple varieties and crossing them over several generations to breed this very special variety. Though not self-fertile it's easily pollinated by other apple trees, even up to half a km away.

Redlove® boasts long-lasting and unusual deep pink blossom, and unique fruit that is dark red, both outside and inside, revealing a beautiful pattern when you slice through it. The juicy, fragrant flesh has a texture that can be likened to a Cox, but with an extra range of subtle cherry fruit flavours. A delicious eater, it is also ideal for cooking, retaining the red colour. Try it in fruit salads - it does not turn brown - pies, puddings and tarts. Perhaps try as a glass of mouth-watering freshly squeezed juice, which will be blush pink in colour!

Supplied at around 150cms tall as 2-3 year old pot grown trees that are ready to start fruiting.