Armeria pseudarmeria Ballerina Tricolour - Large flowered Thrift

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This special Armeria offers not one, not two, but three colours on the same plant, plus it has larger, longer-lasting flowers than the more better known Armeria maritima varieties, being a larger more robust plant. Also known as Thrift, Armeria is a low-maintenance plant and always a pleasure to see in Spring as it blooms early, and then continually for a long period. Deadhead the first flushes of blooms, keep well watered in dry spells and they'll throw up even more flowers later in the year - these really are rather superb.

Our Tri-colour evergreen "Ballerina" plants are covered with stems that carry inch pompoms of neon-lilac, red and white all together at the same time. Actual plants from our nursery are pictured. They can even be used as fresh or dried cut-flowers, dead heading will promote more continual blooming all summer. Compact and very uniform, it's a good choice for edging as well as the front of the border. Evergreen and adaptable. Supplied in approx 1 litre containers full of buds and flowers in season.