Betula pendula Karaca - Dissectum Birch

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This attractive dwarf weeping Birch has unusual airy, fine, feathery foliage turning yellow in the Autumn followed by fuzzy catkins in the Winter and is ideally suited to a smaller space in the garden or even in a decorative large planter.

 This beautiful little Birch like a good fertile soil that is free draining and will cope with all aspects as well as sun or partial shade.

When Planting, add some good organic matter as a mulch, repeat this in subsequent springs and in late winter prune out any dead or damaged shoots

Great little tree for a small garden border and worth trying in a container.

Growing to only approximately 2-2.5 meters in 5-10 years, this would be ideal in a smaller garden or as an addition to a larger outside space. The curious foliage will give a lovely contrast to other broad leaved foliage plants. 

Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.