Betula utilis jacquemontii - West Himalayan Birch Tree - Multi-Stem Tree

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This Birch is about the best you can get for ghostly white bark. Growing quickly when young, it will soon shed layers of papery bark to reveal the much loved classic clear white trunks and branches. A highly versatile tree, this birch will quickly develop a nice shape, and the superb silvery-white bark once established is simply stunning. This tree has has the trunk pruned to be grow as a multi-stemmed tree. They are often planted in groups, and with brightly coloured cornus for winter displays. Supplied in approx 15 litre containers.

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To ensure plenty of branching and a good shape we prune out the main leader of these at around the 1.5m metre mark during the tree production process in the nursery so you get plenty of branches generated from below this lower down the trunk, right where you want them to originate for a visual feast of colourful bark as the tree develops. It is then possible to create a single trunked tree by allowing only one main leader to grow, or you can create a multi-stemmed tree by more selective pruning.