Gaultheria procumbens - Festive Tea Berry

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Stunning and Unique Christmas Plant

  • Lovely Green Foliage and Pretty Red Berries
  • Perfect Live Table Decor for Christmas
  • Like a Tiny Holly Without the Sharp Leaves!
  • Evergreen Groundcover Plant
  • Cold Hardy - Can be Planted in the Ground after Christmas! 
  • Can Grow Indoors for the festive period and Outdoors in Shady Spots!

This festive checker berry, also known as the teaberry is excellent for your festive displays, a superb choice for winter colour, and ideal for a container by the front door to welcome guests to your home - it looks particularly good when mixed with other attractive seasonal plants. You'll be cheered by its jolly red berries throughout the autumn and winter, as an added bonus, in summer, the festive Checker berry will be covered in white to pale pink flowers.


With the shiny evergreen leaves and red berries this plant is excellent for living Christmas decor, it looks lovely as a tabletop centerpiece. You can even trim off sprigs to decorate a wreath or add to a floral arrangement. Plant it outdoors after the festivities and enjoy this plant in your garden where you can use it for festive decorative cuttings for years to come! Also known as the teaberry, the leaves can be used to make tea, the berries are also said to be edible and have a lightly sweet flavour. There is teaberry ice cream and chewing gum in the US where this plant is native, you can even make teaberry wine!


Supplied in approx. 9-11cm pots covered in shiny red berries.

Why not use some of these around the home as living decorations and marvellous table decor too.