Buddleja - Berries & Cream - New Buddleia Butterfly Bush with multi-shaded flowers - LARGE PLANT

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Buddleia Berries and Cream is a stunning new upright Buddleja with amazing bicoloured flowers - a real talking point and an unusual twist to this favourite garden shrub.

Very easy to grow and fully hardy, this butterfly bush will of course be a huge attraction to butterflies, but any other garden visitor too, carrying large conical clusters of bicoloured blooms in long florets, with the flowers coming all through the summer, year after year.

Now, the colour of this isn't your regular solid pink or purple as might be expected by more regular varieties of buddleia, but a stunning mix of mauve-pink irregularly studded with bright stars of white - quite a spectacle.

The elegant arching stems are all bejewelled with these terminal clusters of colour in summer, with 'Berries and Cream' being a particularly free flowering variety, providing a long season of colour right in to autumn. As an added bonus, the deciduous foliage will shade to butterfly yellow in the autumn period.

In stock for immediate delivery, our strong bushy large plants are supplied in approx 5 litre containers.

Please note that plants supplied may be grown under glass so the flowers may not be bicoloured immediately, however, once planted out in the garden, new flowers that grow will be variegated as expected. Some bloom stalks may exhibit all purple or all white flowers too, which adds to the charm amongst the bicoloured blooms.