Buddleja davidii Magda's Gold Knight

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For lovers of Butterflies the Buddleja is a must for any garden!

A medium sized shrub that reaches around one and a half metres in height and width its variegated yellow to light green leaves from which it gets it variety name, make it a great foil for darker foliage in a mixed shrub border. In July, upright spikes of purple-red to deep purple flowers are born, they last through until September and even look handsome once the colour has left and the shrub drops its leaves for the winter.

The Buddleja is a tough plant growing in all soils and aspects, it does however, like moist soil so a good thick mulch of compost in early spring will keep the roots happy.

Why not try this Buddleja in a wildlife garden surrounded by other plants beloved by the Bees and Butterflies.

Supplied in approx 3.5 litre containers.

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