Hardenbergia violacea "Happy Wanderer" - Evergreen Purple Coral Pea

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A beautiful climber originating from Australia, that is actually hardy to temperatures as low as -7c.

Known as the Purple Coral Pea, the vigorous vining plants can reach up to 2 metres in height, producing their exceptional purple shaded pea-like flowers in abundance.

Evergreen, it is great for screening, and also in the conservatory to give and exotic look.

Unlike most climbers, flowering begins in the bleaker late winter months and can continue in to the summer.

Fantastic in full sun or a partly shaded position, this plant will reward you when little else is flowering in the garden.

It will do best against a warm sunny house wall in southern gardens in well drained soil.

Supplied as strong flowering sized plants in approx 2 litre containers with bud/bloom as pictured in season.