Clematis Pixie - Evergreen Spring Blooming Climber - Lime-Yellow flowers

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Clematis cartmanii Pixie is a compact evergreen clematis bearing a profusion of sweetly scented lime-yellow flowers throughout spring. An ideal climber for the patio, or other areas where space is limited, Clematis Pixie will be particularly suited to a south or west facing aspect in the garden.

Pixie can also be used quite happily to trail from an unusual pot or large basket or on a bank to form an unusual ground cover too. The world renowned Sissinghurst gardens have it cascading out of the top of a large urn, tumbling and falling to the ground, with the appearance it is snowing out of the pot, creating a spectacular effect.

The Clematis Pixie also has a fantastic scent, it smells of elder-flower, and as it gets hundreds of flowers there is plenty of perfume to go around! Supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.