Clematis armandii - Fragrant Evergreen Spring Flowering Clematis - Pack of TWO Plants

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A wonderful evergreen climber, Clematis armandii combines a beautiful scent with very prolific flowering. In Spring this plant is covered in highly fragrant, creamy-white star-shaped flowers. Leathery, dark-green leaves are present all-year round providing good cover and screening. Perfect for growing against a wall.

It flowers last several weeks and sometimes a second flowering is produced in August. Very highly recommended. This extremely vigorous vine from China adds a touch of elegance to every entrance way. Long dark-green leaves droop to create an architectural statement. The glossy white flowers are produced in clusters in March and April and Fill the air with a beautiful fragrance. Plant in moist, well-drained soil, preferably in a sunny or partially shaded position.

Supplied at around 80cms tall, in 2-3 litre containers, with buds/flowers in season.

Much larger and better value than competitors, these are perfect to plant now, and enjoy fragrant flowers every Spring!!