Lonicera Caprilia Ever - Honeysuckle

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A vigorous, semi-evergreen climber, Lonicera 'Caprilia Ever' produces beautiful clusters of small scented flowers. Blooming from lilac buds, the flowers are actually yellow or orange and contrast wonderfully with the buds and foliage. Usually flowering in early Summer, this will often give a second flush of flowers as Summer ends and Autumn begins. An abundance of dark-blue fruits are produced in mid-Autumn, providing an excellent source of food for wildlife.

This variety is particularly hardy and copes well during Winter. An all-round, fantastic plant, coupled with it's climbing habit makes this Lonicera a must-have for your garden if you've got an ugly structure or fence to cover - or simply want to add extra height with a special feature. 'Caprilia' will prosper in moist, well-drained soil and a slightly shady spot. It looks fabulous climbing a fence or scrambling over a wall.

Strong plants supplied in approx 2-3 litre containers.