Wisteria floribunda Black Dragon - Violacea Plena Double Flowering Wisteria Vine

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Black Dragon or Yae-Kokuryu Wisteria is a very special variety from Japan that also goes under the name 'Violacea Plena'. It is a strong growing variety that is very easy to look after, and possibly the most rewarding for its unique flowers.

Very different from the commonly offered Wisteria varieties, Black Dragon carries long plumes of cascading flowers, each 1-2ft long in late Spring and early Summer. These double blossoms are highly fragranced with a spicy undertone and dark purple in colour making this one of the best Wisteria varieties you could ever have the privilege to grow. The flowers are darker purple than any other variety and will take your breath away, stopping all in their tracks when they chance upon a specimen in bloom.

Vigorous and fast-growing, Black Dragon is the perfect high-class climber to cover a fence, pergola, arbour or wall. Like all of our Wisterias, this is a grafted plant, so will start flowering at a young age.

Strong Established flowering-sized plants supplied in approx. 2-3 litre containers