Calocephalus (Leucophyta) brownii - Silver Threads Plant

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This is fantastic hardy 'Silver Thread' plant that's an ideal choice for seasonal planters with a unique form, colour and texture.

Great to use combined with other plants to provide a contrast in form and colour, from colourful Heucheras to Black Ornamental Grasses, it forms a small mound of ghostly silvery-white twisted foliage and stems.

Try indoors during the festive season for a real contrast and fantastic foil to seasonal flowering Cyclamen and striking Red Poinsettia.

This plant almost resembles a clump of smoke-coloured deep sea tropical coral. It does best in a well drained position and it is on our must-haves list for this seasons trendy winter planters. The silvery-white foliage is soft to the touch and will enchant you in your seasonal patio planters.

Supplied in approx 10.5cm containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 5.99, today just 1.99 - Save £4!