Camellia japonica Coquettii

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This incredibly beautiful shrub is compact and will grow up to two and a half metres in height and width.

The foliage is made up of striking deep dark green glossy leaves with serrated edges. In spring dark red double flowers appear over the plant which can be ten centimetres in diameter

Camelias need a neutral or slightly acidic soil so are no good on chalk but will grow in containers if needed. They like partial or full shade making them an excellent woodland plant

They are a tough plant that grow in all aspects but need shelter from cold winds and avoid frosty spots as late frosts may damage the spring blooms.

Feed with Seaweed in spring early summer as they will enjoy this, and it helps retain the beautiful deep green glossy leaves. Water well in the first season.

Would look amazing in a woodland season or as a single focal point plant surrounded by lower planting.

Supplied in approx 4 litre containers.