Camellia japonica Kick Off

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This vigorous evergreen shrub is the perfect addition of all-year-round colour and structure to your garden! ‘Kick-off’ is best known for its striking large, pink blooms around 13cm wide, that appear from early to mid-spring. These massive open blooms have elegant pale-pink petals with deep, dark pink irregular streaks that contrast amazingly with the glossy dark foliage.  An upright vigorous shrub this Camellia gives you foliage throughout all the seasons adding colour to your garden and providing a backdrop for seasonal flowers. 

‘Kick-off’ requires acidic soil, like most Camellias, and it must be moist but well-drained. It will do best when planted in partial shade and a sheltered area. 

Supplied in approx. 4-5 litre containers.