Chamaecyparis lawsonia 'Columnaris' Glauca - 80-100cm Steel Blue Specimen or Hedging Conifers

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A stunning steel-blue conifer to use as a solitary specimen or as an attractive evergreen hedge that won't get out of control.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Columnaris Glauca is one of the best upright blue Lawson's Cypress, a striking medium sized evergreen conifer. It exhibits fragrant, blue-grey foliage that is especially vibrant in summer and provides a wonderful feature in the winter garden. Lawson's cypress Columnaris Glauca has a columnar shape with narrow habit and is the ideal choice for an attractive screening hedge or a fantastic specimen tree.

Also known as a False Cypress, Columnaris Glauca is a hardy tree that grows well in both full sun or partial shade. It is tolerant of all soil types, preferring slightly acidic, well-drained conditions - it dislikes waterlogged soils. This beautiful conifer is suited to both exposed and sheltered positions, reaching a final height and spread of 3 x 1 metres in 10 years.

Supplied in approx 6.5 litre containers.