Chamaerops Humilis - Hardy Mediterranean Fan Palm - EXTRA LARGE Specimen - 140-180cms tall

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This is the Mediterranean fan palm, which is often seen growing along the roadside of the French and Italian Riviera, it is extremely tough and excellent for pots and planters, as well as directly in the soil. Along side Trachycarpus, it is probably the best palm for growing in the UK in terms of cold hardiness and weather tolerance - both species experienced and survived the tough 2022/2023 UK winter and are thriving, where we experience lows down to -14c some nights.  

The Mediterranean Fan Palm is a small clustering palm, with distinctive, huge green leaves which spread out in a very attractive fan form, providing that South of France feeling without leaving home! Unlike the Trachycarpus, Chamaerops humilis produces babies which grow in to a multi-stemmed plant making it far bushier.

Once established, Chamaerops humilis is tolerant of drought, being well suited to full blazing sun or partial shade, a cold garden or hot conservatory, exposed gardens or balcony planters – this palm is remarkably easy to look after and grow. Chamaerops humilis is the northernmost naturally occurring palm in the world, found as north as the south coast of France in it's natural state, generally growing to around two metres tall in the UK.

The Mediterranean Fan Palm is a beautiful specimen plant for any garden. Unpruned it grows into an attractive shrubby form. If pruned, it will grow into a single trunked tree form. It is a palm that works perfectly to provide a feature and impact anywhere it is planted., a real architectural masterpiece for your collection, why not try in a roomy container to grace your patio or deck, and even show it off to friends at your next barbecue! It's even ideal to use as a houseplant. 

Strong Plants Supplied at an overall height of around 140-180cms tall.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 179.99, today just 79.99 - Save £100!

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