Christmas Tree - Potted Baby Blue Spruce in Jute Wrapped Pot

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Nick named Bruce by some, this beautiful baby tree is actually a Blue Spruce (Picea pungens glauca).

A classic tree that is making a resurgence thanks to it's classy appearance, nice shape and lovely soft blue-green needles.

For a real Christmas tree fragrance, this is a first class choice, close your eyes, breath in, and you have the one of the true scents of Christmas in your home.

This one will arrive looking good (a typical example is pictured) wrapped in an attractive festive jute bag - not only good for display, but also making it eminently giftable.

All that's left for you to do is decorate with your own selection of seasonal trinkets (we like the foil wrapped chocolate ones best at GE HQ), and ensure there's a present or two underneath to finish off the look. This is the perfect tree for a side table (extra room below for all those gifts!), or a home with less space than you'd like, but where you would still love a real tree.

As an added bonus, after all the festivities, plant your tree out in the garden or a larger pot, and you'll have it to enjoy again for another year. Don't worry, it is slow growing, reaching around 10ft tall after a decade, so there's plenty of time to enjoy again before it get's too large to bring back inside.

Height of tree supplied including the Jute wrapped pot is around 50cms.