Large 6-7ft Specimen Plant - Clematis armandii SNOWDRIFT - Fragrant Evergreen Climber

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Vigorous, evergreen Clematis armandii Snowdrift has a magnificent scent, the fragrance is charming and the profusion of sweetly scented flowers last for several weeks early each Spring. Occasionally it will even reward with a second flush of blooms in August too.

Snowdrift armandii Clematis love full sun, but are also tolerant of partial shade, preferring a rich organic soil, a vigorous vine, they originate from China and will add a touch of elegance where ever they are planted. Long dark-green leaves droop to create an architectural statement. The glossy mid-green leaves are retained throughout the year, making it an excellent climber for clothing an unsightly wall.

Supplied at around 180-200cm tall, in 5-7 litre containers, with buds and flowers in season.