Clematis viticella Avant Garde - Summer Flowering Clematis
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Clematis viticella Avant Garde - Summer Flowering Clematis

Product ref: C80101

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This Avant Garde Clematis is a beautiful, tough hardy climber, resilient, with a vigorous habit meaning you can easily grow through small trees, pergolas and over arches, it is also very free flowering from around June to October year in, year out.

A unique variety with two-toned, many-petalled flowers, this Clematis is an absolute delight, growing in any aspect, simply provide a trellis or some other support for its flurry of flowering stems to climb up. Perfect for scrambling through roses, shrubs or small trees with its flowers peeping out through the foliage. Perhaps try in planted in garden borders next to sunny walls to enjoy it in all its glory.

We recommend if you do plant in beds next to walls to cover the wall with beautiful flowers that you should use 5 plants for every 2 metre run, spacing them around 40cms apart. In early-spring, Avant Garde will benefit from cutting all stems down to 6in (15cm) above soil level, applying a handful of granular feed and mulching around the stump. This will keep your clematis neat and tidy, free-flowering and healthy year after year.

Supplied in approx 9cm containers.