SPECIAL DEAL - Clematis Winter Beauty - Large 5-6ft Evergreen Climber in Bud

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Here is something really, really Special!


This year, for the first time ever, we've produced our best selling Clematis 'Winter Beauty' as an extra large specimen plant, measuring a statuesque 5-6ft tall in their pots, these will impress all, and really make an impact.  They're Premium quality multi-vined plants that we've been growing on for some time to reach this size, quality and maturity, and they're covered in buds right now, these should start to open around mid-December, thus, they could be the perfect gift this Christmas for the gardener in your life! They will continue to bloom right through the winter months.


Winter Beauty is a recent introduction and now a mainstay for all gardeners wishing to bring winter scent and colour to their gardens, enchanting us with seductive blooms from December through to the end of March. These are of course traditionally the dullest months of the year, so this plant breaks all conventional gardening rules.


This Clematis owes its strong constitution to its parentage - mother plants bred over several generations to produce the ultra healthy, hardy plants. Unlike some Clematis that can suffer from wilting disease, this variety has been tested and proved itself to be completely resistant, displaying large, attractive evergreen foliage that is always a bonus on those dark winter days, and as a backdrop to other plants in the summer months. The real interest is of course the flowers - in December, the plants are loaded with buds, they appear en-mass and are lovely shades of soft creamy lime, hanging amongst the foliage like small bells, they are poised with energy to continue blooming and bring joy to the gardeners heart throughout the dullest, shortest days.


These buds themselves make a fantastic show, but the real jewel in this plants crown is a little later with these bells bursting into life, opening one by one into bright white flowers, as white as the winter snows that it will simply shrug off, and to top this off it had fabulous fragrance. A rich, vibrant perfume to every bloom combines together to create something extra special in the cool winter air that will stop passers by in their tracks.


'Winter Beauty' will grow well in all free draining soils, is highly ornamental over a long period when little else is on flower, and will surprises everyone with each bloom and its outstanding fragrance. Growing approximately three metres tall and two metre wide when fully grown, yet easy to keep more compact if required.


Supplied at around 5-6ft tall in approx. 5 litre containers, full of buds and blooms from December to late March. Please be sure to order quickly as we expect demand to be very high, and supply is limited.


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 59.97, today just 29.97 - Save £30!

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