Cordyline australis Verde - 140-160cms tall Plant - GIANT EXTRA LARGE circa 5ft Specimen Palm

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Cordyline australis Verde is a larger, bright green Cordyline variety that is very architectural. Tough and hardy, this Cordyline forms an attractive plant with sword-shaped long green leaves from the top to the bottom of the stem, making for a most unusual looking specimen plant, over the years it forms a trunk

The architectural appearance of this extraordinary plant is ideally suited for patio containers or even the conservatory. It is hardy and likes to grow in a sunny, but sheltered position. Over time it will form a trunk, so you can now have a fully mature palm on your balcony or patio.

An ideal unique specimen for a jungle or tropical themed garden, this large hardy green Cordyline, also know as the cabbage or torbay palm looks excellent in a pot or in the border.

Although a hardy plant, it does not like excessive winter wet, so makes it perfect for a well drained planter on the patio.

Our extra large chunky plants are supplied at around 140-160cms (circa 5ft) tall inclusive of their nursery containers, ready to show off and grace your deck, balcony or other outdoor relaxation area!

Very tolerant of wind and coastal exposure, this palm can reach up to five metres tall in the right spot after many, many years! Great for a tropical effect jungle garden, to add its evergreen impact and architectural shape anywhere.

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