Cordyline Red Sensation - Stunning Torbay Palms - Pack of THREE Plants
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Cordyline Red Sensation - Stunning Torbay Palms - Pack of THREE Plants

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Cordyline Red Sensation has glorious burgundy-red leaves and is an exceptional plant for adding height and texture in container plantings and borders. Fully hardy and evergreen, its deep colouration combined with the tactile foliage is perfect for adding some style to your surroundings.

These plants make a great focal point in decorative planters on a patio or deck.

They are also quite happy and impressive looking once established in garden beds and borders, and can be seen all over the west country used to great effect - hence the name Torbay Palm.

Why not try under planting them with a selection of vivid Heucheras or Ornamental Grasses for that dash of flair and colour to your displays?

Like all Cordyline plants, Red Sensation is drought resistant once established, so it is the ideal choice if you sometimes forget to water! We recommend growing them in large containers with good drainage and a bright sunny spot to maintain the best leaf colouration, although they're also happy in a partially shaded position. Why not get a set of these and inject a tropical look to your garden today.

Supplied in approx. 1 litre containers, each around 30-50cms tall and looking fabulous.