Cornus alba Kesselringii - Black Stem Dog Wood - LARGE circa 150-180cm tall

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Perfect for filling a big gap and instant landscaping, we're thinking of describing this as poor mans black bamboo, but that really would not do this plant justice.

Throughout winter, the colour is vivid. Dark black stems form an amazing contrast and backdrop to all manner of other plants such as witch hazels, hellebores or other dog woods.

In spring lush green leaves cover the plant, followed by small white blooms in summer. Then prepare for another amazing show in autumn as the leaves flush purple then turn a reddish-purple shade before finally falling to reveal the dark stems in all their glory once again.

It's a job to pack all it's merits in, but we can't forget to tell you of the autumn berries which compliment the colouring foliage a treat, or how the stems transition from burgundy to purple then charcoal-black as the winter sets in. Supplied in approx.12 litre nursery containers.

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