Cornus alba sibirca 'Miracle' - Red Stemmed Variegated Pink Flush Foliage Dogwood

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The bright, fiery red stems of Cornus alba 'Miracle' add a much needed injection of colour all winter long, so even in the bleakest of weather you can have a shining beacon of colour in your garden.

Variegated green and white leaves appear during spring and summer and the foliage then starts to develop a pink border which, as we arrive at late-summer and early autumn the foliage then shades an intense purple-pink before dropping for the colder winter months - a truly spectacular sight. Then the show does not stop there, the leaves falling simply makes way for the stunning red branches to make an appearance for winter once again, so this is a plant that look great and provides garden interest all year round.

This Cornus is tremendous value, and long lived, you can use it in beds and borders on it's own or in groups. Perhaps try underplanting with some Spring bulbs such as Narcissus tete a tete, or colourful Primroses. Another idea is to add as a centre piece to a winter planter. Supplied in approx. 3 litre containers.

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