Cotoneaster lacteus - Late Cotoneaster

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Cotoneaster lacteus has an abundance of small white flowers in early summer, followed by red berries which last well into Winter. Cotoneaster likes sun but will tolerate shade and is suitable for coastal situations and poor soil. 

Commonly known as Late Cotoneaster, Cotoneaster Lacteus is a large evergreen shrub or small tree with arching branches. Its low-growing foliage works well as an easy solution to filling large spaces. It has pretty, white flowers during spring and impressive clusters of orange-red berries in autumn which are wildlife-friendly and persist well into winter. The leaves are matte green and deeply veined with white, hairy undersides. 

Cotoneaster Lacteus will tolerate most conditions including dry soils and can survive in north-facing, cold sites, although like all flowering/berrying trees, it prefers sun or partial shade. A beautiful, wildlife-friendly evergreen with year round interest. Supplied in approx 3 litre containers. 

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 24.99, today just 14.99 - Save £10!

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