Saffron Crocus - Autumn Flowering Crocus sativus - Pack of 10 Bulbs

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This is your chance to grow the spice that is worth more than gold in your very own garden!

It is in fact so valuable that the term 'Red Gold' has been coined for the spice, as gram for gram it is quite literally worth more the gold.

Over recent decades there has been renewed global interest in the cultivation of saffron, be it for use in cosmetics, the food industry or for its reputed health benefits.

Flowering in the Autumn months, this fragrant little flower has been reveered for centuries. When in bloom look out for the red 'ribbons', for these are the coveted saffron sprice - carefully remove with tweezers, and they can be air dried and stored in a sealed container for later use for up to two years. They do also of course make very pretty autumnal flowers. If you're looking for a significent crop of Saffron, then you will need to plant a lot of Crocus Sativus to harvest a plentiful crop, so we've 10 corms here for your to plant which will give you a good start at producing your own Saffron.

Have fun growing your own 'Red Gold' at home, plus the Saffron Crcous flowers are quite a delight too. They will naturalise and multiply readily, are are perfect for growing in patio planters where you can enjoy the stunning and fragrant flowers up close, or perhaps use in the front of garden borders - or even a dedicated spot in a veg patch for your own Saffron harvest.

Pack of 10 bulbs.