Crocus Ruby Giant Growing kit
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Crocus Ruby Giant Growing kit



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SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 3.99 today just 2.99 - Save £1!

This Indoor Growing kit will make the ideal gift for Christmas, with promises of displays of big, purple-mauve flowers appearing from late winter on slender stems they are one of the first flowers of the year to appear.

Crocus are perhaps one of the best early flowering spring plants to have, creating a blast of seasonal colour when little else is in bloom. 

Our Indoor Growing kits are supplied ready boxed, in approx 9cm pots, complete with 5 Ruby Giant species crocus bulbs ready to be planted, perfect to place into your favourite decorative pot and situate on a windowsill to bring the scents of spring indoors with a splash of colour.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 3.99 today just 2.99 - Save £1!

Fill pot with compost keeping some to cover the bulbs with later, place bulbs approx 8cm deep and spaced evenly, ensuring they do not touch the sides of the pot, Cover with the remaining compost and firm down. Place the pot in a cool dark and ventilated spot. After approx 10-12 weeks when the bud is 5cm out of the bulb, locate to a warmer room.Water sparingly. When the flowering buds appear place in a well lit location for flowering and turn daily to prevent growth towards the light.

Once the flowers appear, you can prolong the bloom time by keeping in a cooler location, away from direct sources of heat. This pot with bulbs can be placed directly into a decorative pot of your choice.