SPECIAL DEAL - Crocus Specie Fuscotinctus - Pack of 12 Bulbs

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This vibrant variety of Crocus will give you amazing early spring colour and delicate foliage. The characteristic goblet Crocus blooms appear in February and March displaying a beautiful golden yellow, which shines in the winter sun and filling your garden with a sweet scent. These flowers are complimented by the delicate leaves which are a wonderful dark green with bronze accents at the base and tinged purple edges. We recommend planting Fuscotinctus in a sunny mixed border as it will give you much needed colour but they also work well with a lawn to give a woodland feel.


This Crocus prefers well-drained soil but will tolerate higher levels of moisture. These plants are hardy so can thrive in exposed or sheltered gardens but make sure to place in full sun or partial shade. 


SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 3.99, today just £1, yes, Just £1!