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Crocus Specie Gipsy Girl - Pack of 12 Bulbs

Product ref: BR801026

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Crocus Gipsy Girl: Revel in Nature's Bohemian Beauty!

Introducing the Crocus Gipsy Girl – a bloom that encapsulates the free spirit of spring. With petals painted in a radiant golden yellow and adorned with delicate mauve stripes, this crocus is the embodiment of garden whimsy and wonder.

A Breeze to Cultivate: The Crocus Gipsy Girl thrives in the UK's varied climes, making it a gardener's delight. Its undemanding nature ensures that even the most novice of gardeners can bask in its annual springtime splendour. Simply plant, cherish, and watch it return, more vibrant with each passing year.

A Symphony of Spring Companions: Allow the Gipsy Girl to mingle with early bluebells, fresh green ferns, or vibrant tulips. Their harmonious coexistence creates a cascade of colours and textures, promising a garden that brims with life and diversity.

Unparalleled Value, Timeless Charm: Choosing the Crocus Gipsy Girl isn't just about embracing beauty; it's about securing an investment that pays rich visual dividends. Sourced from the choicest growers, each bulb promises multiple seasons of mesmerising blooms, blending quality with unmatched value.

Pack of 12 Crocus bulbs.

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