Daboecia cantabrica - Irish Princess Heather - Pack of THREE Gorgeous Plants

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These Summer Flowering Princess Heathers really are something special, and hard to come by - seldom offered in fact, so we quickly snapped up all the stock from one of our top growers when we knew that had a batch of these beauties - and now they are ready!

Daboecia cantabrica, is also known as St Dabeoc's Heath or Irish Princess Heather, it naturally occurs in Western Ireland and Northern Spain, more usually in coastal districts - a battering from the North Atlantic weather streams ensures it has evolved to be very robust, tough and hardy, despite the delicate appearance.

Mounds of small glossy green leaves give rises to many short spires of large bell shaped flowers in summer, generally from mid-august onwards in to the Autumn. The flower colours range from mauve-purple to baby pink, white to hot-lipstick shades - they are simply stunning little plants, absolutely worthy of a place in any garden or perhaps enjoyed at closer quarters in a patio planter.

Supplied in approx 1 litre containers, the main picture depicts our actual stock as delivered with bud and blooms in season, and we will select three assorted colours at random for each order, as supply is limited we can't accommodate requests for specific colours at this time, but all plants shipped will be lovely.