Daphne bholua x 'Spring Beauty'

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Daphne Spring Beauty is a bholua hybrid, and a rare gem - the perfect winter shrub, during the coldest months of the year it will be festooned in blossoms. The blossoms appear in clusters as pointed purple-pink buds on the tips of the stems as the first signs of Spring arrive, opening to soft pink tubular flowers with a delicious sweet perfume.

It will enjoy a bright position on well drained soil, yet is also tolerant of partial shade, and therefore ideal for a woodland setting if you have one, looking divine with drifts of spring flowering bulbs surrounding. Reaching as high as 2 metres in time, it is one of the more vigourous forms of evergreen Daphne shrubs available, flowering a little bit later than the bholua side of its family tree.

Being a Daphne bholua hybrid, the species of which originally hails from Nepal, it is extremely hardy so there is no need to worry about cold temperatures, only very harsh prolonged spells will cause it any damage. During mild winters it can start blooming before Christmas, although late winter and early spring is more typical - generally February to April. The fragrance produced by Daphne is magnificent, a heady clove-like scent that is really uplifting as if wafts through the winter garden.

Supplied in approx 1-2 litre containers.

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