Imperata cylindrica Rubra - Red Barron - Japanese Blood Grass
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Japanese Blood Grass - Imperata cylindrica Red Baron - Pack of SIX Plants

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Imperata cylindrical Rubra, better known as 'Red Barron' or Japanese Blood Grass is one of our favourite ornamental grasses for the simple reason of it's vivid and unusual colours - there is not other ornamental grass available quite like it.

The foliage of this stunning herbaceous grass is quite literally blood-red, fading off to a nice shade of bright green at the base of the plant, which only goes to highlight the vivid red colouration of each foliage blade.

This spectacular grass will make a fantastic addition to any garden and looks particularly good teamed with other grasses and perennials.

Planted around a garden pool, it looks stunning in the reflections of the rippling waters. Try in your patio planters for a dramatic uplift under planting with darker foliage such as deep purple Heucheras.

Pack of SIX Plants supplied in approx.9cm pots.