Deutzia Yuki Snowflake

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Yuki Snowflake' is a recent introduction and breakthrough in breedingof Deutzia shrubs, noted for its abundance of flowers and neat, compact habit.

Peforming best in a bright sunny position, it will still flower well in dappled shade, illuminating the spring garden with its pretty flowers.

Yuki Snowflake is a perfect plant for a planter on the patio, or used towards the front of a garden border. Covering it self in a profusion of pure snow-white flowers each spring, it makes for a very pretty deciduous subject to have in your garden. If you choose to plant in a container on the patio, it will gently cascade over the edges too.

Thanks to its compact nature, this low maintenance Deutzia would also make an unusual ground covering plant too. As an added bonus, in the autumn the foliage shades to a deep burgundy prior to falling away for winter, when it reveals a mound of sculptural stems. Supplied in approx. 3 litre nursery containers.

SPECIAL DEAL - Usually 17.97, today just 12.97 - Save £5!

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